‘Simpsons’ top for Fox, rules the roost outside of sports and debate

“No wonder the viewer count’s down. Those 646,000 living in Boston were too chicken to take it on the chin!”

As you may have seen, Sunday’s preliminaries were all over the place thanks to many areas of the country cocking up their schedules with airing repeats (“Halloween of Horror“/”Friends and Family“) at the wrong times. In any case, The Simpsons was down from last week, but it’s unfair to compare against an NFL-boosted episode, so let’s compare it with the season premiere – which it’s up from.

Sunday’s Boston-bashing outing didn’t stray from the prelims with 1.487/5 but fell to 3.221 million viewers, a lower viewer count than both episodes so far this season.

Elsewhere, only Bob’s Burgers was new on Fox’s truncated schedule, with a solid 1.202/4 and 2.793 million viewers. At 9pm, the debate took hold of the schedules with a total 8.6/24 and 33.54 million viewers across the three broadcast networks that showed it (this was 66.5 million with ALL the networks, such as on cable, having their figures added), while NBC showed football with an average of 5.9/16 and 16.62 million viewers.

With a football lead-in, it being the 600th episode and the usual ratings-booster “Treehouse of Horror” episode next week, we could be having some large numbers on our hand next Monday (but by Sod’s Law, will adjust down on the Tuesday).

Sources: TVByTheNumbers and ShowBuzzDaily

UPDATED 29th December 2016 to include previously excluded unrounded final numbers.

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