Season 31 and 32 News: Cate Blanchett and David Harbour’s roles have been revealed

Guest stars’ roles for the upcoming Season 31 episode, titled “The Way of the Dog“, and the upcoming Season 32 episode, titled “Undercover Burns“, have been revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly!

EW has revealed that Cate Blanchett will appear in possibly the season 31 finale, “The Way of the Dog”, voicing a canine psychologiest, Elaine, which will help Santa’s Little Helper from his depression.

Al Jean said to EW: “She determines if there’s a trauma in his past that they have to go solve, which actually goes back to the first episode of the series. The fans will experience a callback that is older than the internet.”

Al adds that “She sleeps in the same room with him when she brings him in for treatment. She’s very loving. But with people she’s a lot more brusque. As expected, she was fantastic. We’re proud to say that we got a two-time Oscar winner to talk in dog gibberish, but it really sounded like Elvish to me.”

EW also revealed that, after bringing a Stranger Things inspired episode in Treehouse of Horror XXX, David Harbour, Jim Hopper in the show, will appear in the season 32 episode “Undercover Burns”, a parody of Undercover Boss.

Mr. Burns finds graffiti on a wall at the Power Plant, “Burns is not excellent”, and goes undercover to find what’s the problem.

Al says “Like Mission: Impossible, they give him a whole new body and face and voice so that this people in the plant won’t possibly recognize him”. David will voice the undercover Mr. Burns, “He’s supposed to be a blue-collar guy from another part of the plant, but everything he says is like Mr. Burns. He wants to go to karaoke and sing songs from the 1890s, but the guys don’t see through it”.

If you want to know more about Season 31, visit our page for it in our Wiki! For Season 32, visit this other page.

Stay tuned for more!

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