“Thank You, Come Again!” – Apu Isn’t Going Anywhere

The Simpsons showrunner and executive producer Al Jean has confirmed that Apu Nahasapeemapetilon isn’t going anywhere and the show is keeping the character.

Apu drew a lot of criticism recently when last year, comedian Hari Kondabolu released a documentary, The Problem with Apu, going over the problems with Apu and the negative stereotypes he brought with him. After this, television producer Adi Shankar started a script contest which he hoped would be made into an episode of The Simpsons to subvert Apu’s tropes and write him out in a clever way or evolve him as a character. Then, in late October, Shankar told IndieWire in an article that he had heard from multiple sources that Apu was being dropped altogether. Other articles then incorrectly referred to Shankar as a producer for The Simpsons, resulting in Al Jean stating on Twitter that Shankar was not a producer for the show.

On November 1st, 2018, Al Jean shared a link to an article by The Guardian by Indian-American writer Bhaskar Sunkara. The article spoke about the positive aspects of Apu and his influence on people.

In the replies to the tweet, Al Jean confirmed that Apu isn’t going anywhere.

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One thought on ““Thank You, Come Again!” – Apu Isn’t Going Anywhere

  1. Very good decision!! We have to keep him. If we had to get rid of every character that offends anyone,no one would be left…


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