US ratings: ‘Simpsons’ steady, still fractional, but tops Fox’s night

The efforts to boost ratings have now entered “dress like someone from another culture” territory…

So, contrary to what I promised, there was a bit of show-inflation this time round, with a halo from golf increasing the viewership and ratings for some CBS shows. Onto the figures…

Another fractional rating (now four in a row) was bestowed upon a controversial “The Simpsons” on Sunday; 0.9/4 was the demo rating and share, with a slight improvement in viewership to 2.151 million, up on the past three episodes (2.06m, 2.147m and 2.1m). Again, the show had the lowest 18-49 skew on Fox’s night for originals, with 54% (around 1.2 million viewers). The episode, however, was the highest-rated show on Fox all night, and was the only show with more than two million viewers.

This season is so far averaging a 1.6 demo rating and 3.95 million viewers.

…but this definitely proved an attention-booster.

Competition in the timeslot on the other three main networks combined was around 22-23 million, perhaps a smidgen above the usual.

Could the controversy see viewership rise for the next episode? Probably not, and we may even see a new low in both the demo rating and in viewership, due to its scheduling against the Country Music Awards on CBS. See you next Tuesday to discern if there’s a massacre or just a knock this Sunday!

Sources: TVByTheNumbers, SpottedRatings, ShowBuzzDaily

N.B. I’m aware the first image and caption above was featured in last week’s post, but that’s only because I mistakenly thought this week’s episode aired last week. Last week’s episode’s post has since been corrected.

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